Training Centre for Veterinarians and Technicians

Training Centre for Veterinarians and Technicians

An on site training facility for veterinary students and technicians will be provided adjacent to the hospital. Cambodian and visiting students will learn important veterinary techniques and wildlife health care. The centre will promote international recognition of Cambodian conservation efforts and will provide valuable training to Cambodian students.

Visitor & Education Centre, Tours, Nature Trails & Gift Shop

The Visitor’s Centre will be designed architecturally to reflect the culture and art of Cambodia. The buildings will resemble a Cambodian village selling arts and crafts of local merchants and artisans along with wildlife items and photographs in the gift shop. The Education area will focus on the story and culture of Cambodia and the diversity of its wildlife. Photographs and written materials regarding the landscape and the wildlife of the area provide tourists with important information about Cambodian wildlife conservation efforts. Tours of the sanctuary will include nature trails with viewing areas of the homes of the resident species, where tourists have the opportunity to see elephants, tigers, leopards, bears and other indigenous animals in natural settings. Guided tours by Cambodian naturalists and transportation by bicycle cart will also be available.

Animal Care & Maintenance Facility
A central area will contain barns and feed storage facilities for dependent animals as well as an animal care building for food preparation and offices for animal care staff. This area will be restricted to staff and interns and will be under the direction of a senior curator of animals. Cambodian staff will be trained in the care and feeding of permanent resident animals.

Transportation Centre

A variety of local conveyances, including bicycles and electric vehicles will be available for public transportation through the facility.

Water Body & Waste Water Treatment

Whenever possible,development of CWS will utilize environmentally responsible and efficient systems.The Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary will include a number of lakes, streams and ponds for the various animals. Several of these will require water treatment for the ongoing health of the animals in the form of aeration by means of air injector pumps and underwater diffuser systems. Lakeside waterfalls will also enhance oxygen levels of the lakes and provide for additional circulation of the lake water. Additionally, beneficial microorganisms and enzymes may be introduced to maintain water quality. The chemistry of the water will be checked frequently to ensure a healthy environment. Waste water from structures used by humans will be disposed of by of septic and leach field systems or other efficient plans currently used in the area. Local contactors are consulted and employed to provide the most efficient, healthy, and environmentally sound systems.

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